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Two nights in Bangkok and the world is your oyster with Lone Eivindsdottir, Sander L. Haga, Synne Elve Enoksen, Victoria Heggelund and Helene Düring Kjær

December 4, 2020 - December 5, 2020 Dance, Performance



Starting in the fall 2020, RISK will launch an affiliated artist program with several emerging artists that will work closely with the platform to develop their work as well as help shape the future of the initiative.

Lone Eivindsdottir, Sander L. Haga, Synne Elve Enoksen, Victoria Heggelund og Helene Düring Kjær are a group of five young artists with a connection to Stavanger.  RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst have given this group the opportunity to develop artistic collaborations, with access to production support and a chance to present artistic work and research in various stages of development.  They have been invited to take over the house on the 4+5 December. Over these two days they will present their own artistic works through various formats.

Lone Eivindsdottir: Eivindsdottir explores the relationship that unfolds between the private and the performative. By creating situations where the act of caricature becomes the common point of reference, she aims to establish a kind of dynamic that constantly make use of, challenge and eradicate itself. How does the performative work, as a way of togetherness when it actively shifts from being present in the given situation and at the same time caricature it?

Sander L. Haga: Haga works with moment-based art. Both in the direction of stage art but also in public space. Repeating themes is ways of dissolving time and concepts of alternative structures. As a psyche in constant change or fragmenting, pulled between archaic and real relations. Traditions and myths put in perspective between the reachable and the distant is a driving inspiration. How the stories we tell ourselves, create our world, and the crossroads between legends and personal experience arise.

Synne Elve Enoksen: “Deception Island» is a solo by and with Synne Elve Enoksen. The work takes its name from the isolated Deception Island, situated in the Antarctica. The solo «Deception Island» is an investigation of the intersection between dance and topology, movement and landscape, and is busy with questions of how to create volatile and fictive spaces through dance.

Victoria Heggelund: Heggelund is interested in interpersonal relationships and the way people relate to each other through touch, observation, and reaction. She explores the elements that define identity and how they give agency to decisions we make, and reactions we receive. How clothes, as a familiar element, can create affiliation, curiosity, admiration, or work as a repellent. It is with this ethos, Heggelund uses clothes as a trigger to dance and movement.

Helene Düring Kjær: In Medias Res. What happens when you embody a facebook feed on stage, and how can the composition found on sosial media be danced? In Medias Res is a dance theatrical performance reflecting an absurd worldview that appears on social media, where world crises are presented equally with selfies, clickbait and videos of cats. Using body and voice, 5 dancers are translating a jumble of current content from the screen, which is then danced out in a chaotic and comic collage.  In Medias Res is made with support from Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune Thanks to Tou Scene for the arts residency.  Voice coach: Henriette Bru Guldberg Photography: Eduardo H. Scaramuzza.



December 4, 2020
December 5, 2020
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Rimi/Imir Scenekunst


Rimi/Imir Scenekunst (RISK)