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March 14 @14:00 - May 14 @16:00 CET Dance, Event, Performance

“Singel”, performance by Mina Weider

"Singel", performance by Mina Weider “Single” is an ongoing performative study of bodily experiences presented in short format, by and with Mina Weider. Weider combines choreography, costume and music into unified dances to explore the complexity of sensitive, explicit and bodily expressions. Weider works with dance and choreography in the project based dance field and … Continued

Studio K, Kvernelandsvegen 41
Kvernaland, 4355
March 26 @00:00 - May 31 @00:00 CET

Marte Eknæs, Kunsthall 2025

Kunsthall Stavanger presents a site-specific exhibition by Marte Eknæs as part of the curatorial project, Kunsthall 2025. The exhibition follows a project by Eknæs shown in the fall of 2019 at Kunsthall Stavanger, where Eknæs presented the sculpture Airbody in the staircase of the building. The program Kunsthall 2025, invites artists to produce new works … Continued

Kunsthall Stavanger, Madlaveien 33
Stavanger, Norway
April 9 @18:00 - April 12 @16:00 CEST Exhibition

Exhibition, Friluftsliv (or how to become climate), Héctor Hernández Rosas

“At the koppie top, I didn't lose my time. When I start building a hut I don't know if I will finish it before it is dark or cold. Due to this, I needed to find the right place and start looking for stones. There is no day when the mind doesn't show its weakness. … Continued

Studio K, Kvernelandsvegen 41
Kvernaland, 4355